Get Connected

Stay Connected

A Zoom presentation to help you connect using technology

June 8th 2021

Organised by Safer and supportive Salisbury

Presented by Jane, Brian and Andrew


  • Turn the device off each evening

  • Recharge it overnight

  • Turn on each morning - this installs updates and clears the memory.

  • If you need it overnight then do a 'reset'.

Use your technology a little and often

Use the device every day so that you get used to what it can do and what attention it needs.

It is much better to get used to this than to face problems just when you need it most.

Find the need

Have something specific to do on a regular basis. Checking emails and sending an email is a good start.

Doing the same thing regularly will help to build confidence and experience.

Practice the things that might cause concern, such as joining Zoom sessions!

Keep a record of what you do

Have a notebook to hand. Write down the things that go well and the things that cause issues.

Much can be gained from spotting patterns in:

  • What works best on the device

  • How you work best with the device

  • You may prefer to use a technological solution - like evernote

Bookmarks are very useful when you use the internet. Learn how to organise bookmarks into folders.

Consider how you access the device

Try voice activation, larger text and screen settings. These can make quite a difference to how the device is used.

Voice activation takes getting used to but it is well worth the effort.

Consider your input options such as a trackpad or stylus.

Internet safety

Find out how to maintain basic safety online.

The computer can be made quite safe and you can learn some simple methods to keep yourself safe online.

Invest in support

Be ready to ask for support when you need it.

Often a single skill or technical solutoion can make everything else work better.

It is possible to get music therapy, fitness support, audio books and the like online. These things can bring a new level of experience into the house without having to travel.